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.: Course of Coordinates - compasses - navigation :.

You will learn to get the metric rectangular coordinates of a point, the different types of North, the annual magnetic variation of the chart, how to get angles and directions, how to do a chart declination, the meaning of the colors and marginal data of the chart, charts, distance and course measurement, compass and chart integration, UTM and DATUM definition. Essential requirements for those who will venture on long trails

Duration: 04 hours, variable time.

Saturday or Sunday.

Practice in the woods.

Location: great SP, Mairiporã or other place to be defined.

Transport, food and scribe materials (black pencil, white rubber, pen, ruler, face scale 1:25 and 1:50 compulsory, compass, protractor in degrees) on behalf of the student.

Investment: to be defined.

There will be no return in case of withdrawal, and can redial for 1 more time only.

Course for anyone with final certification.

Certification at the end of the course!!!