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The intensive course is a quick course of only 1 weekend, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8am on Saturday and ending at 12pm on Sunday.





$ 100.00.


Age: over 14 years and with parental consent if applicable.

$ 5,00 parking on site.

This course is a fraction of the full VRB survival course.

All participants should be vaccinated against yellow fever, in addition to other immunizations, according to the age group. The vaccination card will be inspected upon arrival. Any illness, decease, injury, recent treatments,  special condition, and use of medications, should be communicated to Colonel Montibeller. 

1. The course starts at 08h00 on Saturday and ends on Sunday between 12h. There will be no tolerance for beginning the instructions. 

There will be no recovery of instruction. Still, try to keep the VRB informed. Remembering that there is no cellular signal in the region (VIVO is one operator that works fine there). 


How to get there: There's no direct bus liner from SP Capital to the course camp. There's a bus from Mairiporã station (Petropolis Alpes line). Get off at Buffet Italia and walk on foot towards the Cantareira Buffet Area, along a dirt road, pass through a stone portico, after 400 meters from the Buffet Italia, enter a gate on the left, just up a floor of bloques (50 meters before the Cantareira Space - note the signs of this space).

* Map * Getting there, the student must go directly to the course location (https://goo.gl/maps/oATVd1H2z3L2).


2. The course has no pranks, physical or mental pressure. There is no rush, no connection with military attitudes. We strictly follow the standards of environmental preservation.


3. Course totally aimed at life in the woods. The instructions are in the middle of the bush (https://goo.gl/maps/9u58zMhBGXM2) in fact, is in the Serra da Cantareira. There will be discomfort through deprivation of light, food, cold, heat, mosquitoes etc ...


4. All conclusive shall be entitled to * 1 Certificate *.


Kits de sobrevivência

kits de camping

kits bush

Aprestamento individual

Abrigos artificiais

Abrigos naturais

Áreas de estacionamento (bivak - acampamento - acontamento)


Rapel improvisado

Nós e amarras básicos





Deslocamentos na mata e conduta de marcha

5. The course is set in a situation of survival where * a group of people * totally * unknown to each other * have been lost in the bush and * await air or land rescue *. Thus, the course is quite * static * and the displacements are short, not exceeding 200 meters per lap, notably for the search of water, entry and occupation of subbases and displacements for instructions. In the first incursion in the woods there will always be a guide (STAFF - monitor) guiding them.


6. Thus, the student assumes that he / she agrees to comply with the orders and guidelines of the guides, instructors and chief instructor (Colonel Montibeller - https://www.viaradicalbrasil.com/montibeller). All questions should be taken only and directly to the chief instructor (Colonel Montibeller).


7. By volunteering for a course of this level, the student assumes some easements, such as: making materials, items, kits as directed by the head instructor or other instructor.


8. Pranks, physical and mental punishments, jokes involving religion, gender, politics, race, and other antisocial issues will not be admitted.


 9. Illegal drugs and alcohol are not allowed during the course. You can smoke tobacco, as long as you respect others and using the means of fire of the course to light the cigarette.


10. It is forbidden to carry firearms, even if you own a carrrying permition. 


11. Items of compulsory use, or that may be requested by the chief instructor, must be taken to the course. VRB is not responsible for lost or forgotten items.

We also sell sewing kits, fishing and fire, all handicrafts, materials and outdoor equipment throughout the course: visit our store  www.viaradicalbrasil.com/loja.


* Before the course, I recommend *:

a. Food, based on carbohydrates, b. Hydration above normal (3 liters per day). c. Visit your doctor about your physical conditions and request a prescription for vitamins C and B complex, good mosquito and tick repellents. Mandatory presentation of the health certificate as well as vaccination card (with yellow fever * updated 

* Clothes *: there is no imposition, but the safer is better. I recommend thick trousers, long sleeves, warming clothes at night, gloves (mandatory), hat type HAT Australian or Panamanian, sunglasses, shoes with blackheads or military boots (I have uniforms and boots for rent). They will not sleep in hut or tent in any day. A list of items will be passed due course. 

What to bring (I have everything for sale): http://www.viaradicalbrasil.com/loja

* Cell phone banned as voicemail or data (take pictures only). * There is no cellular signal in the region except in the school base.
Let your family members know about the course, date and location! Pass our phone numbers and inform your relatives in case of emergencies! 

Colonel 55-11-98488-4702 - André Rodrigues 55-11-99741-4807 - Cleide 55-11-95804-0300

 Address: Rua Cerros Verdes, SNr, Mairiporã (or Estr. São Vicente, Mairiporã - SP, 07600-000). Between Buffet Itália and Espaço Cantareira (neighborhood of São Vicente). Access to the Estrada da Roseira .

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/oATVd1H2z3L2 or https://goo.gl/maps/fw4id1sYiDw



2X if you still have time to do so.
All the amount must be paid up to 30 days before the course and without the right of return if there's withdrawal. 

Deposit in checking account of Marcelo Montibeller Borges


 Cancellation and Returns: (according to the deliberation
of Embratur 

90% up to 31 days before the start of the course;

80% from 21 to 30 days of start of the course;

0% to 80% less than 20 days of the course.