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Start Level 1 - Survival Basic

Course Schedule:



Reception and check list;

Survival psychology;

survival and preparation kits;

health keeping and plant foods;


Infiltration in the forest.


 Wakeup at 06h;

Vegetable food;

Basic knots and field hitches;

Improvised abseils; 

Basic shelters: artificial and natural;

Water: purification and filtering, ways of collection;


Camp stoves, moquem, ovens;

Field cooking and food preservation;

Free collective practice.


Venomous animals;


Orientation by the stars;

Compass theory.



Brown coffee with hunter's bread;


In land navigation;

Improvised compasses;

Emergency signaling;


There's a certification and patching ceremony at the end of the course. Transportation and feeding on behalf of the student.
There is a car parking lot. 
While demonstrating your intent to participate in the course, we'll add you in a closed whatsApp group for more details.


Short tarp or canvas 3x3mts;

Repellents, sunscreen and lipstick;

fire kit: char cloth, cotton ball, OB box, steel mesh;

Minimum kitchen tools (crafted in bamboo);

Sleeping bag and insulation;

Cords, rubber rings and cords for tent stacking and other hitches;

Personal hygiene kit (toilet paper, wipes, half bar of coconut soap);

1st aid kit + routine use medicine;

Swimwear and trousers (trousers and sweaters / long-sleeved shirts);

Backpack or bag to carry your material and a NA belt.

Chemical light stick (lantern is denied);

Machete or knife or pocketknife, and a walking stick (can be bought or handcrafted in bamboo).

Cap or hat;


600ml water bottle, cantee, cantee coup (carry garbage bag for disposal of material);

Cans (1 to 3 liters - will serve as pots); and

Wood scraps and firewood lures for fire lightning.

It is not a military course, we use our military knowledge and adapt it to the civilian milieu. There are no pranks, humiliations, psichological pressure, or so.  We will be full time side-by-side with the students. We have Medical Evacuation Plans, Environmental Management Plan and Safety Plan related to the event.
There is insurance for the event. There is no intention to exhaust the matter, we have wide experience in this type of operating environment: Pantanal, Amazon and Atlantic Forests.


The prices are around USD 150, paid before the beginning of the course month.

  1. Some items and clothing may be rented or lent by VRB.
    Additional Information:

  2. The exercise may be modified for reasons of force majeure, unrelated to our will;

  3. There will not be bad weather postponement. The course will take place with or without rain, except for disasters and the incidence of lightning that could impact our safety;

  4. Difficulty level: medium (no experience is required, but requires minimum physical conditioning and disposition - individual limits will be respected);

  5. Minimum number of participants: 10 people;

  6. Maximum number of participants: 16 people;

  7. Insurance Ecotrip: Coverages to the traveler, according to the current policy.

  8. Cancellation and Returns: (according to Normative Resolution No. 161 of August 9, 1985, Embratur).
    90% up to 31 days before the start of the course;
    80% from 21 to 30 days of start of the course;
    0% to 80% less than 20 days of the course.